Event Background
The KFC BBL is the best of cricket smashed up, repackaged and delivered in a quick, sharp and explosive 3 hour block. There’s never a dull moment with the kids kept on the edge of their seats till the very last ball.

Event Details
Every match of the KFC BBL is about much the same thing, if you’re batting, you have to smash and crash as many runs as you can, as fast as you can and if you’re bowling, you have to try to stop the opposition doing exactly that!

The team with the highest score at the conclusion of the match wins. See? Simple. It’s high-energy, non-stop entertainment, all played in a three-hour window.

The season runs from December 20 through to January 28, and with 35 games played in 40 days, it’s the ultimate family outing over summer.


Other Info

Date of event12/19/2018
Amount of money you are seeking$0-$100
Target demographics Age 0 - 15 Years 16 - 39 Years 25 - 54 Years 16 - 54 Years 55+ Years Gender Both Male/Female Target Regions Within 1 hour of the Event
Benefits to sponsors (and any existing sponsors)The best way to experience the KFC Big Bash League is to become a member of your favourite club! Tickets to the KFC BBL are a great value option for an entertaining night out for fans of all ages. The value for parents looking for school holiday entertainment is even better with general admission family tickets starting from just $42.50*.