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What is AllSponsorship.com?

We provide a service that allows people to list their sponsorship opportunities in a central place so that a large number of potential sponsors from around the world can see them (e.g. search here). In order to list your sponsorship opportunity for potential sponsors to see it, please click here. Pricing information is located here.


Why should I list my sponsorship opportunity here?

Listing on AllSponsorship.com allows you to:

  • Put your sponsorship opportunity in front of potential sponsors that you may never have thought of contacting. 
  • Put your sponsorship in front of more potential sponsors that you can contact yourself.
  • Use AllSponsorship.com’s unique questionnaire to carefully consider all aspects of your sponsorship opportunity and ensure that potential sponsors have the critical information they need to see if your opportunity fits their criteria
It is very difficult to get sponsored. One of the biggest problems is making contact with the right person to pitch your sponsorship opportunity.
You could contact 50 potential sponsors that don’t have any interest in your opportunity. This is stressful and a waste of time for you and the sponsors.
AllSponsorship.com allows you to list your opportunity for many more sponsors to see than you can contact yourself at an almost negligible cost. 


When will my opportunity be listed?
It will be listed immediately. However, we will review each listing to ensure that it does not contain any content that breeches our listing rules (for example, discrimination of any kind or illegal events). 
Can I edit my listing after it is posted?

 Yes. AllSponsorship.com allows you to amend and refine your sponsorship proposal online at anytime so you should list your opportunity now.

If you do not list your sponsorship opportunity now, you are risking the possibility that your best potential sponsor may just be looking for opportunities today and not return for a long period of time.

You know how difficult it is to contact potential sponsors so you should always have your sponsorship opportunity in front of potential sponsors in case one of them interested. 

Is AllSponsorship.com for large sponsorship opportunities only?

No. Anyone can list their opportunity regardless of its size. Current listings include sponsorship projects requiring amounts ranging from several million dollars for large events down to thousands for small events and individuals.

Can you create a sponsorship proposal for me?

Yes. We can create professional sponsorship proposals for you to give to your potential sponsors for a fee of A$250. We can usually complete the proposal within five business days. Go to the contact form and select  the “Create a sponsor proposal for me” option and include your contact information. We will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

How likely is it that I will get a sponsor?

This depends on your sponsorship opportunity. Sponsors are always looking for good sponsorship opportunities, however, most of them are not very well conceived or planned.

When completing the AllSponsorship.com sponsor summary form, ensure that you provide as much detail as possible. You may feel that you need to revisit and or rethink your plan to complete the form. This will ensure that sponsors have as much of the critical information they need as possible. 

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